Software Engineer (Senior)Qindom Inc.Work Location: North York, Toronto, ONYears of relevant experience: at least 3 years


We are looking for a senior software engineer to join our cross-disciplinary team to define the future of quantum intelligence. The candidate will work closely with our machine learning and quantum computing scientists to pursue cutting-edge software development that are aligned with Qindom’s long-term QI goal.

At Qindom, we apply quantum computing and machine learning technologies to embed quantum properties into AI methodologies. This involves developing QI algorithms, models and software based on classical and quantum processors and architectures, designing QI solutions to high-value optimization and machine learning problems, and offering QIaaS platform services, etc.

The candidate is expected to work closely with the system architect and research team to support algorithm prototyping, code development, and system deployment. You are expected to have extensive knowledge of software engineering best practices and the capacity to efficiently design and develop products and applications for our industry clients. Successful applicants will go through a training session in quantum intelligence and receive bonus commensurate with their experience and progresses.

What you need to succeed

5+ years professional experience in software development;
Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science or equivalent experience and understanding of a wide breadth of computer science fundamentals;
Knowledge of statistics;
Extensive experience in system development, and telecommunication industry experience is a plus;
Knowledge in Machine Learning algorithm, implementation, evaluation, maintenance and application;
Experience with Database, including MySQL, Mango DB and Redis;
Excellent C and C++ abilities; Python or Java is a plus;
Network programming experience, including protocol design, HTTP, TCP, and asynchronous APIs;
Familiar with Git;
Experience working on end-to-end software projects: from architecture to implementation to documentation;
Demonstrable mastery of a technical subject that you’re passionate

What you will do

Product development;
Participating in Machine Learning algorithm development and implementation;
Working with our machine learning engineers to put cutting edge deep learning algorithms in production and conduct production testing;
Contributing to keeping the technology stack healthy and maintainable through monitoring and documentation;
Building scalable solution to ingest and process unstructured content;
Building software prototype and APIs;
Participating in database design, architectural design and product discussions;
Writing clean, well-documented and testable software both on server and client sides;
Working closely with technical project managers and researchers to integrate their knowledge and understanding

About Qindom

Qindom is a premier Quantum Intelligence (QI) research and solution service provider. Born as the game-changer in the present AI world, we are dedicated to reconstructing AI with quantum computing technologies in research and application. Our goal is to break through bottlenecks of AI and to provide sustainable QI solutions and industry standards. Qindom’s open platform enables users to enjoy the revolutionary experience of QI, and its intellectual properties are designed for applying quantum computing to revolutionize fundamental algorithms and models in AI, and realizing QI in real-world industry practices.

Qindom’s competitive advantages and cutting-edge practices are recognized by industry leaders and investors. The company received 2 million (USD) in seed round funding soon after launch. We are a team of passionate and innovative experts and scientists of cross-disciplinary backgrounds in mathematics, quantum computing, machine learning, software engineering, data science, neuroscience, and other industries or domains. Located in Toronto, Canada, our new 2000-square-feet private office space welcomes the smartest and most dedicated people from diverse backgrounds who share the same passion and common goal. At Qindom, we invite you to take a bold leap in artificial intelligence.

If interested, please send your resume to

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